Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yes, I am hiding the newspapers in the back....

Ugh...In small town nowhere we are connected to reality by ferries. These ferries have a tendency to be late and thus so do the newspapers.  I have come to discover that in particular in males, after the age of 60 there is an urgent obsession with reading the paper (and no it CAN NOT be the online edition, it MUST be the paper version) So, here I am repeating "No paper today" "No paper today" "No paper today" like a damn friendly parrott.  The papers are not here, not on the shelf but this does not stop people from thinking that perhaps I have them hidden somewhere so they have to ask.  "Where are the papers?" Or "Are the papers here yet" (Dear sir or ma'am, yes the papers are here and I am hiding them.  They are in hiding because I love to hear "Where are the papers" and say "No papers today" and particularly because I thoroughly enjoy angry people, example "Well for chirst sakes! this is ridiculous! Where are they and when will they be here?" may I suggest getting a hobby, perhaps yelling at subordinate people as you seem so great at it. Then I really enjoy when a small group of octogenarians form in the front of my shop to discuss their fury and then when they leave call every half an hour to inquire if the paper has arrived, I love it.  Furthermore, I have hidden the papers for my own personal amusement, as the expression of utter confusion and helplessness on the elderly brings me joy...I think not.  The papers are not here, nor do I know where they are or when they  might arrive actually.  They just are not here, and that is the end of it.


  1. I'm a cashier and I have to deal with crap like this on a daily basis. There are a million little things people do that I could list off that irritate the hell out of me. Just today I could name probable a dozen different things that happened that drove me mad. Like the crazy lady that comes into work all the time who mumbles to herself about how she hates AIDS and gay people. Usually she just talks crazy to herself but today she looks to the customer ahead of her in line and says "Excuse me ma'am, do you lie down with the queers? ave you contracted the AIDS?." The customer and I were like what the hell, akward lady, she is such a creep, and to top it off she keeps her money in her bra! Gross, I don't want to touch your boob juice lady!

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